Family First – Child Pregnacy Questions

Board Certified family attorney Sonya Coffman answers the questions of Southeast Texas KFDM News viewers. These questions include:

  • Can a jail sentence be imposed if someone is found in contempt of court?
  • Where can I find documents to file for divorce if I don’t want to hire an attorney?


A British woman is sentenced to five years in prison for forcing her sixteen-year-old daughter to become pregnant just so the mother could have another child. The case raises a lot of legal questions. Here to discuss that as well as answers to your questions is Live at Five's family attorney Sonya Coffman. Wow, the mother just wanted another child so forced her sixteen-year-old daughter to get pregnant? It's actually worse than that. She started forcing her to undergo artificial insemination at age fourteen and the child actually became pregnant at sixteen and gave birth seventeen. And the mother's story was that she wanted to have another child and she had been rejected for adoption of her fourth child and so this seem to be the right thing to her.

Was she rejected because of her age? I don't know, she was a single mother and I gathered from the article, it was published in the Journal of the American Bar Association that she had issues that were apparent to theses authorities and this is her way of handling that. She actually was sentenced for five years for doing this and the daughter, this is the tragic part of the story said that she cooperated with her mother because she thought if she did so her mother would love her more. What happened to the baby in the long run? The child welfare authorities have the seventeen-year-old mother and her baby in custody. Just when you think you've heard it all in terms of bad parenting something else like that comes along.

Yeah normally you hear kids misbehaving and you, you look for parents for guidance you don't look for parents misbehaving and that's exactly what we're hearing. I can't imagine much worse than that. Well we've got some questions that we'll get to you. Uh... one viewer uh says, If your child's father is in contempt of court from what paperwork says that he can be sent to jail? This is true someone who's found in contempt of the court's order, the court can sentence him to jail. Okay. This person says they're going to the same thing with contempt of court, they're not going to do anything, he has been in contempt of court for years and they still haven't done anything. Is there anything that those two people could do? Well we'd need dig a bit more about the facts of the case.

The court may have given this person some options to comply and maybe working through that before sending them to jail. But the judges take the orders very seriously so this person is in pretty slippery grounds to disobey that. Ok. Where can I find documents to file for divorce without hiring an attorney? Their is a website and unfortunately I don't know the address to the website but contact in the District Clerk's Office at the Jefferson County Courthouse. They can give you that address and there is a website for pro se litigants that has forms and the answers to some questions so that's where I would start.

Okay as always we appreciate you stopping by in giving us your inside as far as our legal matters go and as far as our family matters and you can if you've got a question you can always mail us that the address listed on your screen you can fax is you can't email us at or you can pass those questions on our KFDM news Facebook page.