Divorce and Dealing with an Ex Avoiding Child Support

Southeast Texas Board Certified family attorney Sonya Coffman answers questions submitted by KFDM News viewers. These questions include:

  • How do you get a divorce if you don’t know the location of your spouse?
  • What can be done if your ex is avoiding paying child support?


Well no couple ever goes into marriage thinking they'll be the ones who won't make it certainly your wedding you thought you were promising a love that that last a lifetime now for reasons you may not fully understand that dream seems shattered but what you what are some things you should consider before you consider divorce live at five’s family attorney Sonya Coffman joins us now with some tips and divorce not always the thing that you want to jump into necessarily never a thing you want to jump into I tell my clients divorce is not for the fate hearted so be very certain before you take that step and I think it's a good idea to ask yourself two question one why don't want a divorce and most people can answer that second question however is more difficult and that is how will divorce solve those problems for me and oftentimes it won’t the counselors tell us that after divorce you can unload your spouse but you're still left with the same you maybe just different problems so I think that's a real good analysis to go through before taking that step now obviously marriages amongst two people what if one person wants the divorce but one person doesn’t then how do you go about those questions that is there another way to confront those I think in that instance it's a matter of accepting the inevitable because neither party can get the divorce in Texas and it could counselor can help sort through those things and focus on moving forward if that's the situation so do you think that divorce is too easy to come by here in Texas it's a good point our legislature debates that almost every session they debate whether to make a covenant marriage an option that's much harder to get out of and I could argue both sides of that question because New York was the last state to really adopted a no-fault divorce and there it was just nice here too and there they were finding that people still got the divorce they just had to lie to makeup grounds in order to do that so I'm not sure that's the right answer either so I guess divorce is just regardless how you look at it just a very difficult thing and especially when you throw in kids and it is much more difficult with kids and so I think it always helps to do that soul searching and get some good counseling before taking that step okay and as far as counseling goes do you always look to the church are there other counselors out there I think the church is a great place to start and there also just good licensed professional counselors to help with that because some of the issues people have to deal with are number one setting boundaries that's a very difficult issue in time of divorce and secondly I think is sorting through the emotions the guilt all the things that come with it and learning how to manage it and put that in the right perspective all right we've got some questions let's get to those is if you haven't seen your spouse's since two thousand six what's the best and inexpensive way to file for divorce also knowing where to find out where your spouse is located in that instance if you don't know how to get service on the spouse you can serve them by publication and that's a fairly easy thing to do uh... you comply with the statute get the proper notice and depending with your kids involved are not it may be a little bit more involved but that's what you need to do okay my kids dad is ordered to pay child support he doesn’t work ninety nine percent of the time when it's time for a court date he gets a job and then he quit shortly after he's already been on probation and just because he made a forty dollar payment the warrant was dropped is there anything else that can be done please help that's a very common problem unfortunately I think the attorney general's office is very well-equipped to deal with that and they will work through the process of getting this person's attention anything from suspending their license to putting them on probation and eventually jail time if they don't pay in accordance with the court order just get with attorney general office and go through the process alright Sonya as always we appreciate you stopping by unfortunately we're out of time and that's always the way it works but we’ll see you again a couple of weeks