Child Support and Visitation

Live at Five’s board certified family attorney, Sonya Coffman, answers questions submitted by Southeast Texas KFDM News viewers. These questions include:

  • How can you get off of paying child support if you find out that your are not the real parent of the child?
  • Is visitation the same with infants as it is with older children?


Well a woman who addressed her young daughter as Dolly Parton for a child beauty pageant could lose custody of the girl after her estranged husband claimed she sexually exploited their daughter the mother claims she has done nothing wrong here with more plus answers your questions is Live at Five’s family law attorney Sonya Coffman so what would you do or what is the what is the court going to do in this instance I think it's a very novel question but a very good question the court-appointed psychologists sides with the father in this case he agrees that the mother is sexualizing the daughter and I thought about this is it just a matter of putting her in a costume that’s too suggestive or is it a bigger issue of perhaps the mother needing that attention they're getting it through the daughter but this costume is very inappropriate in the way she's teaching her to move and what the psychologist says is that it is teaching this child that her value comes from being pretty or sexy and that that's probably not the right message for the little girl of that age and this is actually off of this television show toddlers and tiaras which creates a lot of controversy in itself and something that I guess typically in everyday world is not something you're going to see on a regular basis I think there's a big circuit of these pageant mom's which is a whole interesting phenomenon that she the mother claims she did nothing illegal as though that answers the whole question and to me that's very sad because you can do lots of things that make you a bad parent that aren’t necessarily illegal so I think she's kind of got and misguided issues there but the report also says that the father has a long record of alcohol and drug abuse so the court's got its work cut out for them now I think in looking at all these issues well quickly let's get to a couple of our questions here on our Facebook page If someone is in jail and is not paying child support is there anything else or anyone else that I could contact the attorney general is not doing anything well if this person is in jail I suspect that they have no ability to work to make anything to pay child support and that's always the dilemma that people face is do you want in jail or do you want them out working to try to pay the support so ok um another question how can a man that thought he was the father of a child and signed the birth certificate get off child-support after now years later finding out that he's not the father that's a really good question because up until recent changes in the law after four years the statute of limitations would have run un-contesting paternity but now there is a law the mistake in paternity that says despite it being more than four years this person can go before the court and asked that his child support being terminated now it's not going to take away any back child support they may owe it can stop it going forward if he takes action before the court okay I think we can get another one real quickly is standard visitation the same with an infant six weeks old as with older children no and the standard visitation starts at age three generally and so at younger ages it's up to the court what the court thinks is in the best interest alright Sonya as always we appreciate you stopping by we've got lots of questions we’ll get to those next month