Social Networking Sites being used in Divorce Proceedings

Live at Five’s Board Certified family law attorney, Sonya Coffman, answers questions submitted by Southeast Texas KFDM News viewers. How is social media used in divorce and child custody proceedings? What information do you look for on social media websites that can be used in court proceedings?


official networking sites are known for connecting old friends in allowing users  to make new ones online and and now it's being used in divorce proceedings in  even custody battles live at five's family attorney sonya kaufman joins us now with  more and were thinking more and more of this i i was reading that twenty percent  of all divorce proceedings  are actually having some sort of social networking sites being involved in  divorce proceedings how is this happening how is it working  I believe that's probably true you from experience because that's one of the  first things we ask someone they came in our office these days does  your spouse have  my space or face book and if so print off for me everything that you can  find on there what can you find what do people post  well people post their own schedules and information what they did last night  how much they had to drink who they did it with plus pictures  and then friends comment on the wall also say you get lots of information about  what the friends are saying to you the spouse and all that is very interesting in  a divorce proceeding is there a way that you can protect yourself and put some  sort of privacy protection on face book and my space  people do that oftentimes you have to be a friend in order to get access to  information but  what we find is that when friends comment on say the spouses wall if you  click through all the friends you can find often a friend that did not password  protect their comment and therefore you can get the information that way and  it's not a legal it's just out there for public information so and and the  problem is the client can't control what friends are commenting so by just  having a page you are setting yourself up for problems so what's the best thing  to do have not have a of my spacer face that page if you're going through  divorce proceedings or even a custody battle especially a custody battle i  would say  and you know my advice to clients would be live your life in a way that you  don't care if someone knows what you're doing that be the best advice  all people often don't do that so if you're going to do some things that you  don't want the whole world you sure wouldn't put it on social networking site well  is this pretty much are are the social networking sites taking the place of  private investigators these days  in a lot of cases they are because it gets you inside the home to know what  someone is doing in almost any hour of the day or night with pictures so  i would say yes in a lot of cases alright so best advice don't have it or live your  life in a way that you don't mind it being out there for everybody to know  absolutely well sonya thanks we appreciate it  well and if you have a question about family law let our attorney sonya answer your  questions all you have to do is fax us at eight nine two seven three oh five or  email those questions to