The Practice

The Practice - Coffman Family Law of Southeast TexasI am a trial lawyer Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  No one will out strategize my team, out research us, out write us or out work us.  My law practice is based on the following core values:

WE ARE GOAL SETTERS.  Setting—and achieving—objectives is important to our clients and second nature to us.

WE ARE SELF-MOTIVATED.  We are internally driven to win.  We will not back down from a fight.  There are no problems—only opportunities to succeed.

WE ARE STRATEGIC.  We work hard to stay three steps ahead of the competition.

WE ARE RISK TAKERS.  Progress always involves risks.  We carefully assess the pros and cons associated with important decisions in order to minimize risk.  However, when the time comes, we are not afraid to pull the trigger and move forward.

WE ARE WELL NETWORKED.  We are connected—both technologically and from the human perspective.  Our networks are a source of support and information critical to our success.

WE ARE WELL PREPARED.  We go the extra mile to be ready to address the twists and turns that will arise during your case.  No one will out prepare us.

WE ARE NIMBLE.  We embrace technology.  We quickly and efficiently respond to our clients’ needs.

WE TAKE ACTION.  We assess the situation, prepare for the challenge and take action when warranted.  Timing is a critical part of our case strategy.