“A big thank you for this crazy journey we have been on. You did what I never imagined we could achieve. Your values are what we all need to instill in our lives. I consider God put you in my life and would hope we don’t lost contact. With much love,”

C.M., Jefferson County, Texas
“Our kiddos are doing great in school. Sonya’s courtroom tenacity helped make this happen.”

J.V., Beaumont, Texas
“All I can say is thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!!!!! … Omg!! You really rock I am just speechless; you’re amazing and give me the upmost confidence. I really appreciate it I truly do!! THANK YOU.”

D.B., Hardin County, Texas
“Thank you all SO MUCH for everything! Y'all are the best!!!!!!!”

H.T, Jefferson County, Texas
“Good morning Sonya! I just wanted to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me during the divorce. I think you are an amazing women and a fantastic attorney. Thank you for coming on to my case and getting it settled.”

M.E., Beaumont, Texas
“I still could never find the right words to express how thankful I am for you. You hold a very special place in my heart! Thank you a million times!”

H.T., Port Neches
“Thank you so much Mrs. Coffman! … Thank you for your sincere guidance and concern throughout the whole process. You and your staff were truly exactly what I needed on my side during that horrific time in my life and if I have to deal with those unfortunate events again in the future, I know exactly which lawyer I will be calling to represent me.”



S.T., Beaumont, Texas
“I cannot tell you how much this means to all of us. We were so lucky to find you and your team to help [us] navigate through this process quickly and successfully. Thank you so very much for all of your work and expertise in making this happen.”

L.G., Austin, Texas
“Thank you so much for all your amazing work and help today!  You have no idea how relieved my little girl will be for even just a little relief.”

S.W., Jefferson County, Texas
" I could not have found someone better than you for this, and I am grateful."

C.C., Houston, Texas
“I don’t know where to begin. … But I do know this. I have the best lawyer I could ask for!! I can’t thank you enough for all you done and continue to do. I appreciate your help, your patience (God knows you need them with a client like me) and your understanding. But most of all for the love you have for my son to continue to help me fight for him. Thank you for helping me keep it together when they were up there lying. I truly am blessed to have you as my lawyer. … Again, just wanted to truly say thank you!!! You are the best!!!!”

J.W., Jefferson County, Texas
“Words are inadequate to express the joy, relief and gratitude [we] feel. Sonya & Christie: Each of you played a part in this miraculous outcome. We so appreciate your efforts.”

B.V. Beaumont, TX
Again, thank you so much Attorney Coffman. You are truly a godsend; there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look up to the heavens and thank God for what He has brought me through and how He orchestrated the most excellent one-of-a-kind attorney. Your words last week were so powerful and helped me to see the forest from the trees and reminded me what I’m walking away with to help me start life over and that I have a home paid for. … Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!

J.G, Kennebunkport, Maine
“With sincere gratitude, we want to tell you thank you. You were my first choice when I was seeking legal assistance and I am so very appreciative that you were able to take on my case. Working with you and your team has been such a pleasurable experience and for that I am very thankful. From the beginning you helped ease concerns and worries and you truly made this experience pleasant and bearable. Thank you not only for your legal knowledge, but for your kindness. That in itself has been so comforting during this experience.”

R. L., Sealy, Texas
"I feel like a huge [financial] load has been lifted from my shoulders. All of this was made possible because I had the most caring, Christian and best attorney ever! ... You will never know what a difference you made in my life. I will always be grateful and sing your praises and that of your amazing staff."

K.N., Beaumont, Texas
“Mrs. Coffman is a professional in every sense of the word. I have been working with her for some time now and she and her staff have always been caring, compassionate and willing to put in the extra time and effort to ensure I had the best chance at a positive outcome. If you are able to, and do not hire her, you are doing yourself and your case a disservice. Thanks to Sonya's hard work, her professionalism, and supreme knowledge of the law, I was able (as a Father) to win custody of both of my daughters). Sonya is an absolute beast in the courtroom and has no fear whatsoever in fighting for you. I cannot say enough about her and her wonderful staff (I'm looking at you Melissa). I have never been treated with anything but kindness, compassion and professionalism from everyone involved in her firm and would absolutely recommend her services to anyone. Thank you again Sonya for making a positive difference in all of our lives."

D.P., Killeen, Texas
“Thank you for everything you have done with helping me be able to move in with my grandparents. It truly meant the world to me for what you helped us do. I’m way better off now. Thank you so much.”

K.R., Jefferson County, Texas
“I wanted to thank you for helping with this dreaded thing that we call divorce. This has been the most traumatic experience I have ever been through. You and your team treated me with kindness, respect and empathy during this tough time. While I truly believe that divorce is against God's will, I know that he has put you here to guide good people through this process as easily as possible. Please know that even though I pray it never happens, I will totally refer people your way if the need arises.”

J.S., Jefferson County, Texas
“First, let me state that I greatly appreciate your preparation and presentation today. You were poised gracefully and professionally in the hearing as always. Justice prevailed today. Again, my many thanks to you and your care for me and my family.”

A.T., Lumberton, Texas
“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for meeting with me. Your advice and words of wisdom released me to a more peaceful time of my life, with blessings.” … “Thank you for being who you are. For being not only a spectacular attorney, but a person I admire and consider more than just my counsel. Your heart is huge. You are sincere and caring. For all that wonderfulness, I am blessed to have crossed paths with you."

D.R., Galveston, Texas