Macho Man Mistakes Part 2

In the second of three installments, here are six more mistakes guys typically make in divorce and custody cases. Don’t make them.

Do Identify Clear-cut Goals

Identify them. Discuss them with your lawyer. Clear-cut goals will focus your legal strategy, inform the decision-making process, and guide your lawyer in achieving them. They are also the standard for measuring your success.

Don’t Abuse Alcohol or Drugs

Divorce is an emotional marathon, not a sprint. While you are in the middle of the fight, you may be tempted to turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with the situation. Fight the temptation. In addition to harming your health, doing so will damage your chances of securing custody of your kids if your spouse proves you have a substance abuse problem.

Don’t Post on Social Media

In fact, stay off of it. Social media posts showing you doing anything irresponsible or disparaging your spouse will be used as evidence in your divorce or custody case. Guaranteed. Above all, don’t flaunt the new girlfriend until the legal process is over. Why pour gasoline on the fire?

Don’t Automatically Give Your Spouse the Household Contents

While furniture and other household contents may seem insignificant, simply giving them to your spouse is like writing a blank check for thousands of dollars. Furniture, china, televisions, computers, and even pots and pans have value. If your household stuff is substantial, have your things appraised so their value is considered as part of the property division.

Don’t Go Through a Divorce Without a CPA

Divorce is a complex transaction with multiple potential tax and financial issues. Consult with your attorney and a CPA to develop an effective financial game plan. Skimping out on a CPA will be a major money mistake. In this old world of sin and sorrow, you get what you pay for.

Don’t Lose Your Cool

If you lose your cool and say something to your spouse that could be perceived as threatening, even if it was not intended to be, she may obtain a restraining order against you and have you removed from the house. Losing your cool will also impact your custody request. So chill out and be stoic.

Sonya B. Coffman is a Board Certified family lawyer in Beaumont, Texas. She also is a
C.P.A. Ms. Coffman represents men and women in divorce, custody, and property cases
throughout Southeast Texas. She also handles appeals.