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In the second of three installments, here are six more mistakes guys typically make in divorce and custody cases. Don’t make them. Do Identify Clear-cut Goals Identify them. Discuss them with your lawyer. Clear-cut goals will focus your legal strategy, inform the decision-making process, and guide your lawyer in achieving them. They are also the standard for measuring your success. Don't Abuse … [Read more...]


  Divorce is not a commodity. It’s litigation. The stakes can be high. And it can be a game of inches. Keep your head in the game and avoid these typical mistakes macho guys make. Do Take Your Spouse Seriously When your spouse mentions divorce, she’s probably already consulted a family law attorney and knows exactly what steps she must take and to what she’s entitled. It’s time for … [Read more...]

Top Seven Tips About FEMA Disaster Assistance

We continue our break from matters of family law to address Harvey-related issues that may affect your family or business. Many Southeast Texas homeowners and businesses may qualify for FEMA disaster assistance. This is special federal government assistance meant to help folks whose property was damaged or destroyed and whose losses are not covered by insurance. Here’s what you need to know about … [Read more...]

Top Five Post-Harvey FAQs

Dealing with family issues is important. But if your home or business was damaged by Tropical Storm Harvey or its aftermath, the most important thing you can do for your family is to secure them. So we are taking a break in this blog post from matters of family law to answer the following top five post-Harvey FAQs: When should I inspect my property? If you’ve been displaced, do not return to … [Read more...]

Top Six Practical Divorce Truths

Understanding these practical divorce truths will put you on the path towards a less stressful, less costly, and more productive divorce: One lawyer cannot effectively represent both spouses. If both spouses say they are “using the same lawyer,” the practical reality is that one spouse is represented and the other is not. Make sure the represented spouse is you. Without proper representation, … [Read more...]

Pre-Divorce Reality Check

Nothing will put you in a better position for a successful divorce than going into the process with your eyes wide open. It will save you time, save you money, and minimize your frustration. Here is your five point pre-divorce reality check. Clear-cut goals are critical to success. Identify them. Discuss them with your lawyer. Clear-cut goals will focus your legal strategy, inform the … [Read more...]

In Divorce, Information Is Power

Information is power. It can make or break your case. Nothing will put you in a better position for a successful divorce than to take these three proactive steps. Be thoroughly familiar with your finances. Your post-divorce financial well-being should be a top priority. Failing to understand your finances could negatively impact you and your family for a lifetime. Do not put your head in the … [Read more...]

Top Three Reasons Why Flat Fee Divorces Are Not the Way to Go

Flat fee vs. hourly fee. A flat fee is a set amount paid to an attorney to cover all aspects of a divorce—from beginning to end. A flat fee is the attorney’s money at the moment it is paid, regardless of how hard the attorney works on the case. An hourly fee, on the other hand, is an amount paid for each hour of work an attorney actually performs on a case. Hourly fee attorneys typically … [Read more...]

Top Three Myths About Divorce and Divorce Lawyers

The Myth: Divorce is a commodity. Any lawyer can handle my case. The Truth: Each divorce case is unique. Some involve gnarly custody disputes. Others involve family-owned businesses. Or other high net worth situations. Most lawyers practice criminal law, defend DWIs, handle car wrecks, and do a little family law on the side. But a jack of all trades is a master of none. Family law is complex. The … [Read more...]